Answered by Stefan Havlik, professional bodybuilder, trainer and nutrition specialist.


Question: What is Workoutic ?

Answer: Workoutic is a software, in other words it's a program which generates diet and exercise plans according to provided information. During developing process, I used my 20yrs experiences from my professional career and career of a trainer. Workoutic works just as I would be creating the plans. While creating the plans you need to obey specific steps and logic to get what you expect from the plans. In this case system is not affected by human mood factor such as bad mood, tiredness or time pressure.


Question: Why Workoutic?

Answer: Workoutic is a 24/7/365 working exercise and meal consultant. Workoutic contains and works with a lot of relevant information used for creating customized plans and advices.


Speed: Client gets his plans immediately after filling up the application form. Registration process takes approx. 3-5 minutes.

Quality: Program and its logic while creating plans is just like it'd be getting done by prestigious professional in nutrition and exercise area. Workoutic uses a lot of input information such as gender,  age, height, weight, goals, food allergies, blood type, training experiences, smoking habits or length of your job. Above it all, all plans can be adjusted so client can be changing his plans anytime.

Price: Workoutic charges around 80% less of its plans than the average market price from any personal trainer or nutrition specialist. What's important, Workoutic doesn't make mistakes!


Question: Can Workoutic replace personal trainer and nutrition specialist ?

Answer: Besides face to face contact, Workoutic can fully replace personal trainer and nutrition specialist!