Question: My payment didn't go through. What should I do?

Answer: 99% of denied payments are limits on the card for online payments. You can change it in setting in your online banking or in person at the bank's office. If your payment still didn't go through you can pay via PayPal or you can wire the money.


Question: How can I turn off automatic payment?

Answer: Automatic payment can be configured in profile setting. In top right corner click on your name/profile/payment information. There is a button On/Off - automatic payment.


Question: Can I pay without card?

Answer: Yes, systems offers to pay via PayPal or you can contact us and we will give you bank information to wire the money.



Profile settings


Question: I'd like to make changes in my profile but system shows I can't.

Answer: Some of the settings in your profile can't be changed. Date of birth, gender or height can be changed once every 30 days. The reason is to avoid having more than one person in a profile. Other settings can be changed with no limits. If you made a mistake at the beginning while registration, contact us and we'll help you.


Question: How exactly profile settings affect creating plans?

Answer: All required information in questionnaire are necessary while creating customized plans.


  • Gender - affects metabolism and pick of right training plan and right exercises.
  • Age - affects calculation of metabolism.
  • Height - affects calculation of metabolism.
  • Wight - affects calculation of metabolism.
  • Goal - affects calculation of metabolism, training plan and schedule of nutritious (protein, carbs, fat) in your meal plan.
  • Endurance - affects calculation of metabolism, training plan and defines coefficients to determine right amount of protein.
  • Blood type - affects choose of right ingredients in a meal plan, system selects wrong and right ingredients based on blood type. This feature can be turned on/off if user doesn’t know his blood type.
  • Allergies - system can avoid all allergenic ingredients in meal plan.
  • "I don't like" - system can avoid certain ingredients you don't like.
  • Smoking habits - affects calculation of metabolism, system adds 10% of energy in meal plan. In studies it shows that smokers have 10% faster metabolism.
  • Type of job - affects calculation of metabolism. Based on your day physical activity system adjusts energetic requirements.
  • Wake up time - affects day plan. Client sets up morning alarm and it set's the time and schedule for his meal plan. It's important to keep some time in between each meal so the metabolism has time to use the nutritious right, transform it to energy and then for regeneration.
  • Time of training - affects day plan. System will pick the right pro-form of workout based on wake up time and workout.
  • Training during the weekends - affects day plan. Client can pick if he wants to train during the weekend or not.