Question: Why do I have to fill out the questionnaire ?

Answer: It's not possible to create perfect custom meal and workout plans without proper input information. This is how real professionals work in this business. If you receive any plans from anyone without sharing any information about you (age, goals, physical details, training skills, experiences, allergies etc), you can surely throw these plans straight to the garbage bin. Those plans are just ultimate and can cause harm or health complications.


Question: What's the affect of the plan by my personal setting?

Answer: Personal setting affects energetic calculations, picks wrong ingredients and defines right workout split and training principals. All information contained in questionnaire determine your customized plan.


Question: Based on what should I pick my goal?

Answer: Workoutic offers all common types of goals. Picking a right goal will define right supplements schedule, training plans, right exercises and balance of nutrition. Your training plan will be changed every 30 days.

Weight loose. Program is focused on loosing weight and reduce your obesity. During creating your plan, software pays attention to secure gradually lowing the weight and body fat loss. That means you need to have caloric income lower than is your outcome. We need to set organism to reduce obesity in optimal mode without unwanted Yo-Yo effect. More about weight loose HERE.

Gaining muscles. Program is focused on gaining muscles. During creating your plan, software pays attention to supply your body with proper amount of protein and energy which is necessary. Program will choose and set you the right amount of supplements, which is necessary to reach your goal. Important is to have a higher income of calories than is the outcome. In this case, the correct setup of the training principles is very important. To avoid any stagnation, you will have a new plan every 30 days. Everything is set in detail but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. More about gaining muscles HERE.

Fitness. You don't wanna loose weight or gain muscles ? Do you wanna feel better and tune up your body ? This is a program for you. In calculating this program we pay attention that the plan will contain enough of protein and energy what are necessary for active life-style and not be getting fat. Income and outcome of energy needs to be equal. More about fitness program HERE.

Get strenght. In different words: Powerlifting. You wanna be really strong ? Do you like to reach over your limits ? This is a program for you. Choice of training principles was consulted with experts. In calculating this program we pay attention that the plan will contain enough of protein and energy what are necessary for power lifting. More about powerlifting HERE.


Question: Are proteins, carbs and fat in meal plan, affected by picking a goal?

Answer: Yes, of course. It's very important for reaching each of goals. While person who wants to lose weight should be getting different nutrition plan than person who wants to gain weight.


Question: Training skills/experiences. What it is and why do I have to set it up?

Answer: Training experiences means how long have you been working out or just do any other sport. The person with more experiences will have higher amount of muscles and better muscle memory. This information has high impact on all calculations (daily protein, energy, carbs and other income). Workoutic has coefficients which adjusts calculation of basal metabolism. Workout experiences allows affect setting of training plans and right exercises.


Question: I have an allergy to nuts. Will I get a right plan ?

Answer: Workoutic selects all nutrition. System will avoid including any allergens based on client's requirement. This is being determined while filling up the questionnaire and can be adjusted anytime.


Question: I'm a vegetarian. Can I have a plan what does not contain meat?

Answer: Yes, it's very simple. Same as any allergies or food intolerances, this can be filled up in questionnaire or adjusted later at any time.


Question: I was reading about the meal plan based on blood type. How does that work ?

Answer: Blood type meal plan selects right ingredients and nutrition based blood category. If your workout performance works ideally and there is no stagnation, we do not consider Blood type meal plan as a good choice. It is commonly used while you have digestion issues and you can't identify why. Or if there are some allergies or food intolerances then we select the right nutrition combination based on your blood type.


Question: Will I have to cook every day ?

Answer: No, workoutic offers repeating of your meals in 3days cycle. For those who are not able to eat the same meals for long time, workoutic offers food replacement in 3days cycle. This will guarantee you wide variety of meals with a lot of ingredients. You can turn this feature on/off in your personal setting.


Question: Can I switch between LBS and KGS? Inch and cm?

Answer: Yes it can be changed. It depends on what client prefers. In USA, LBS are usually used together with INCH. In Europe it's KGS and cm. This has zero affect on creating plans.