Question: Why do I need verify email address?

Answer: Email address is required to be verified so no one else can use your account. Your email address is al required for replacing your renewing. 


Question: I didn't receive registration email. What should I do?


a - Please check your SPAM folder.

b - Your email client probably does not allow emails with a link to be received and consider them as a threat. Try the registration process again using Gmail or Yahoo email address.



Membership setting


Question: What type of membership should I pick ? What are the differences between GOLD and PLATINUM ?

Answer: Workoutic offers 3 types of membership.


SILVER: Free membership. Client gets a sample of meal plan unfortunately can see only one meal in detail of his daily meal plan but he's allowed to change each ingredient to see how Workoutic works. He also gets full exercise plan where he can make his own comments and has a diary to remember his weights he exercises with. Exercise plan can't be changed. This membership is to get familiar with the system.


GOLD: $24,90/month. Client gets full meal plan, food supplement schedule and customized workout plan. Full personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Meal and workout plan for the next few days, full diary. Set up fitness plan ahead and reaching your goals was never easier.


PLATINUM: $49,90/month. Similar to GOLD membership with extras such as 6-pack special and Super Butt Special those programs can be added to client's training program. Also the biggest benefit of PLATINUM program is online consulting services while having membership. Client can send any questions about meal plan, exercise performance of supplement schedule. Amount of questions is not limited.