On bottom: 200g oatmeal

                      2 tsp. coconut oil

                      2 tsp. honey

                      Water (if required)

On filling: 500g pumpkin puree (from Hokkaido pumpkin)

                    500g of fine curd

                    200g Philadelphia cream cheese

                    80g honey

                    2 eggs

                    1 tsp. gingerbread flavoring

The bottom of this fit pumpkin cheesecake is composed of only 3 raw materials- oat flakes, honey and coconut oil. You do not have to use cooked biscuits that hide a hump of sugar and fat. The higher content of proteins in the filling is achieved by using curd, which at the same time softens its taste. Thanks to the pumpkin, cheesecake is rich in vitamin A and fiber.


Pumpkin puree from Hokkaido pumpkin can be prepared simply by pouring the purified pumpkin into water and then mixing it on the puree.

Fold the oatmeal and then stir the flour with honey and melted coconut oil. The dough is formed and, if necessary, we can add water.

We push the dough on the bottom of the pan.

All the raw materials on the filling mix up smoothly.

Then pour the filling onto the prepared bottom and bake the cheesecake 60 minutes at 160 degrees until the cake is firm from above.

After the baking, let it cool down and then put it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.