The more you train the less results you see, it’s probably because you’re using incorrect technique, doing the wrong exercises, etc. Technique is critical to achieve the abs you want. Let us name a few of the most ab exercise mistakes:


a) The range of motion does not apply


b) DO NOT CHEAT - helping yourself with motion makes it easier, but it does not work - ex: swinging your hands


c) Leg raising on the back - on of the best exercise for your Abs. Try to avoid putting your hands under your butt or back nor have them by your body pushing to the ground. They should always be behind your head.


d) Sit Ups - always keep your feet on the floor. Don’t swing your arms, don’t move your head like a turtle by using your hands as it causes pain in your neck.


e) Slim Waist - remember when you do exercise on side abs thinking about getting slimmer, it’s not true if swinging your body from side to side you’re using your side abs muscles and they will grow that means your waist will get bigger