Weight Loss

Very briefly. We lose weight when we have less energy income than expediture. What exactly does this mean? We eat less calories than we burn! In order to cover all the necessary metabolic processes, the organism will have to touch the fat stores. But that will not be so easy.


Why are we gaining fat?

It's exactly the opposite of what I wrote above. In the diet, we receive a great deal of energy that we cannot burn with basic metabolic needs (basal metabolism), normal daily activity, or added sporting activity. Part of the energy received is burned, part is eliminated, and part is stored in the form of fat stores.


How does metabolism work?

The human body is set by default to function on sugar in its simplest form. When we eat something, it is gradually digested into glycogen or amino acids in the stomach. If the body does not have enough glycogen, it also metabolizes it from amino acids. It just won't work without glycogen. Thanks to it, the brain and muscles work.


All mistakes we make in weight loss:

1. Stop eating or reduce energy intake to a minimum.

If we stop eating, the body immediately switches to saving mode and begins to protect fat stores. As a source of energy, it uses the muscle mass that is unnecessary for the basic functioning of the organism.


2. We hold a very drastic diet.

Drastic in this sense means that we eat only a few selected foods, mostly with minimal energy. After a while, monotonous diet signifies bad mood, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, and especially the fact that we have an ever-greater appetite for something "good". Sooner or later, there is a moment of failure and it is hard to stop. We usually end up worse than we started. Typical YO-YO effect.


3. We do not sport.

"I don't want to, I'll start on Monday, I'm very shy" and things like that only worsen the condition and delay the goal. Without sports, it just won't work.


4. Stress.

As far as possible, we must try to eliminate the factors that lead us into a stressful situations. The organism under stress, switches to a mode where unwanted hormones are washed out and the weight loss of fat stores slows down.


What promotes weight loss?

1. Basal metabolism.

Basal metabolism determines the amount of burned energy to cover basic metabolic processes. The easiest way to accelerate the basal metabolism and accelerate the burning of fat stores is to gain muscle mass. Muscles need a lot of energy. Simply put, the engine must run at a higher speed, then is burning more energy.


2. Balanced energy intake due to our daily activity and sporting activity.

Just as I said at the beginning, fast weight loss does not mean stop eating. Of course, the diet needs to be adjusted based on the goal, personal parameters and training experience. Food should be 5-6 per day. A lot of people do not bother with food preparation because they do not have time, which is one of the fundamental mistakes in compiling and meal plan. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see How to Build Your Fitness Diet.


3. Physical activity.

What kind of physical activity and what volume we should do greatly depends on our time possibilities. The most effective in terms of energy expenditure is weight workout with dumbbells. If you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, this is definitely the best way to go. On this topic I recommend articles Ideal Workout Time and Workout with an empty stomach. Yes or no?


4. Joy of what we do.

And here we come to the question we raised at the beginning. What cardio workout is most effective in weight loss? Bicycle, stepper, rower, or treadmill?

I must say that not all physical activities burn the same amount of energy. However, this is not always decisive. Let's just say it, let's do what we enjoy most! If we have to be forced into something, it won't work. In sports activities that suit us most, all the right hormones that can accelerate the metabolic processes needed to burn fat stores are washed them out.

If I can say for myself. I never really enjoyed sitting on a stationary bike or a rower. My most popular cardio workout was light circular training with full body weights. I chose one exercise for each muscle part and I trained 3 series of 50 reps. I added abs workout every third day, and that was enough for me. I had the whole body pumped with blood, and I always enjoyed it. If it was nice weather outside I added extra trip to the gym and back home on bicycle.


Stefan Havlik